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Get the Most Helpful Content in One Place with Sitecore's Migration Advisor

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The Migration Advisor has been a significant project I have been working on with the rest of the Sitecore Developer Relations team. The Dev Rel team built the Migration Advisor to assist our existing customers in migrating to XM Cloud and the rest of the Sitecore Composable DXP.

We know migrations are daunting, so let the Migration Advisor help you. By providing information about your current solution, the app will offer a customized set of resources such as videos, tutorials, walkthroughs, code examples, and more to facilitate the migration process.

The Purpose of the App

The purpose of the Migration Advisor is to help with migrations, and the underlying goal of the Dev Rel team is to use the Migration Advisor to surface important migration-related content.

The team creates a lot of content, Sitecore employees create content, and the Sitecore community makes a ton of content, but it’s all over the internet. You can search for it all, but what if it was all in one place? What if it was curated for your specific needs?

The real purpose of the Migration Advisor is to get the most helpful content in front of you. Collect valuable tutorials, videos, articles, and more in one place.

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The Future of the App

Our initial launch was mid-December 2023, and it’s gone very well. We continue to get feedback. We know there is more work to do, but the app right now provides value, so we wanted to get it into your hands. Try out the Migration Advisor today, share it with your team, and let us know your thoughts:

Here are some of the short and long-term goals of the application.

Short Term:

  • Add prompts that lead to Sitecore Connect recommendations
  • Make the application more shareable. The outcome page is not a unique URL, so you cannot revisit it; this is a high priority for the team.

Long Term:

  • Continue to add more relevant migration content - if you have created any or know of Sitecore migration to composable content, send it my way!
  • Authentication - We would like to add an authentication layer to the app so we can start personalizing based on who is using the app. If we can know about your previous interactions we can better provide results.
  • Add more gamification elements to the applicaiton