Python has recently been an interest of mine. I have dabbled with it in the past. I would like to really start incorporating it into my skill set more often. The main standout of why Python is great is how easy and quick it is to get started with and how much open source support there is for it.

I started my search for Python learning material on YouTube. I like watching videos so YouTube was the way to go. And I found this video on the channel Programming with Mosh:

I have been programming for 10+ years now so this video was pretty elementary but it was great for setting a good foundation of the basics. I highly recommend the course for first-timers wanting to get their feet wet with Python. It has great tutorials and small projects that really solidify the learning.

I powered through the first 3 hours watching at a faster speed and skipping a few rudimentary sections. It inspired me to learn more Python. My first steps are using Python for automation. Little tasks that I do every day on my computer will soon be automated by Python.

That’s about it I just wanted to share the great beginner python course for those that are just getting started with their programming adventures