Where did all the content go? My idea of a new post at least once a month is long gone. Things have changed, as we all know now. But I wanted to put in the time to give an update.

One of the biggest things on my mind right now is my Agile + DevOps West 2020 talk. The talk is set to air June 11th and I still need to record it! Recording conferences talks is something new to me, but I wanted to embrace it and give it a try as virtual conferences will probably only be getting popular.

Fortunately, I have done numerous recordings for Thinkster.io. What makes this one different though is I will be doing a picture in picture recording. Viewers will be able to see my slides as well as a little box of me talking in the corner. I’m excited to try out the new recording style.

On the topic of recordings something else that has taken ups a good chunk of my time since my last post was my latest course on Thinkster.io. I have released a 2-hour long course on creating an Angular application with a .NET backend. The course teaches how handle API calls from your frontend Angular application to your backend .NET API. It covers services, error handling, observables, and other important topics. Check out the new Building a CRUD Application with Angular & ASP.Net Core.

That’s all for now but writing these posts even if only quick and short ones always makes me happy.