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Creating a C# ASP.Net Core API course now available on Thinkster.io

In June of this year, I began working on my first ever online technical course. It just got published! Check out my course published on Thinkster.io: Creating a C# ASP.Net Core API. I put in a ton of hard work to create the course and hope others can learn from it and enjoy it.

Link to Thinkster.io Course Creating a C# ASP.Net Core API

The course covers how to make your own API with C# using ASP.Net Core. It starts with the basics covering the GET, POST, PUT, & DELETE HTTP methods and expands into the more advanced cases. You will also learn about status codes, error handling & C# best practices.

The course provides you with the skeleton code for a space-themed API and contains four different exercises to reinforce and test your learning. By the end of the course, you will have your own fully functioning space-themed API written in C# using ASP.Net Core.

Basic knowledge of C# and the desire to learn is all you need to be successful in the course.

Brooke Avery and Joe Eames deserve a big THANK YOU for the support and help in developing this course. Expect more courses in the future. I think my next one will be on LINQ!


  1. Cole

    I’m taking the course now. Thank you, it is a great way to get my feet wet. I came here looking for help, but as I wrote out my problem and retraced my steps through the course, I figured it out hahahaha.

    (In case anyone has the same problem, here is a recap of problem and solution. Writing the first GET request in the PlanetsController, right before we switch over to Postman to test it out, I tried to run the project and got an error “Error connection to server ‘IIS Express’.” Turns out, earlier in the course overview while trying to set up the localhost port, I was supposed to leave it as-is, but I got confused and changed the App URL to localhost:44371, since this is what we would use in Postman. Once I changed it back to localhost:50109, the issue went away.)

    • TheTomBomb

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you are liking the course and were able to solve your issue.

      Definitely reach here or on twitter if you have any other issues or feedback.

  2. Brian

    I’m taking the course too and enjoy it very much. When I started out the project, I get an error when I run it that has me a little confused. It is: “Unable to verify first certificate”. I have turned off the SSL certificate verification button. Sorry for the newbie question!

  3. Brian

    Hi Tom, I sent you an earlier dilemma that fixed the problem that I had. I had said that Postman was unable to verify “the first certificate” . I had a compiler issue with Startup.cs so I commented out app.UseMvc() to get it to compile, that is when I got the error in Postman. After a frantic search on the internet, I found that I could set EnableEndPointRouting to false, uncomment the line and re-run it and everything worked. This is the code snippet that I added in ConfigureServices: services.AddMvc(option => option.EnableEndpointRouting = false);
    and I commented out: services.AddMvc().SetCompatibilityVersion(CompatibilityVersion.Version_2_1);

    Hope this helps and you probably already knew this!

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